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Faces of the Farmers Market in Billings Montana.

I love the summer times here in Billings, especially the farmers market. The market brings together the people of Billings. I enjoy going around and photographing individuals as they are walking and looking at all of the items local vendors are trying to sell. You have people mixing together and having a wonderful time. This time I wanted to shoot images of faces at the market. I only had one problem, the camera that I would normally use had an issue with the lens that wouldn’t focus at certain apertures. I had to use my everyday car camera which is a Canon T5 with the kit lens. The images I want to share in this blog are OK. I hope you enjoy that faces as much as I did.

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Billings Pride Parade 6-17-2017

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Billings Pride Parade

I wasn’t aware that Billings ever had a pride parade in 10 years and as a photographer I was determined to document the event. The first comment I have is that the City of Billings could have done a better jog in traffic control. They could have blocked Vehicle access to the parade route about 15 minutes before the parade started. By not doing so, dangerous situations occurred, vehicles that couldn’t go forward started to back up onto 2nd Ave, putting on-lookers at risk. I think that the parade it self was well organized and attendance was good, but could have been better in my opinion. The LGBT community deserves our support and acceptance here in Billings. I shot some images of the event and will link about 30 of them to this page.

I’m a professional photographer here in Billings Montana and some of my Fine Art Prints are hanging in the Sandstone Gallery on 2nd Ave. I also have a studio in the old Kress Building on the third floor. I was hoping that sales from my fine art would help pay for the studio. To defray some of my expenses, I going to start shooting headshots and portraits again here at the studio. Please pass on the word. Please use the contact sheet in this site if you have further questions.

Pete Herzog