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Farmers Market 8-19-2017

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The temperature was just great for the market today.  There were lots of people there just enjoying the day and buying fresh produce from local vendors.  There was lots to eat if you choose to do so.  I got some great images today, trying out my Pentax K-S1.  I found[…]

Faces of the Farmers Market in Billings Montana.

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I love the summer times here in Billings, especially the farmers market. The market brings together the people of Billings. I enjoy going around and photographing individuals as they are walking and looking at all of the items local vendors are trying to sell. You have people mixing together and[…]

Billings Pride Parade 6-17-2017

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I wasn’t aware that Billings ever had a pride parade in 10 years and as a photographer I was determined to document the event. The first comment I have is that the City of Billings could have done a better jog in traffic control. They could have blocked Vehicle access[…]

Cody Trip 3-19-2017

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I got bored just sitting around the house last weekend, so I decided a road trip was necessary.  I got out the map and made the decision to drive down to Cody Wyoming, take my cameras and hopefully get some decent shots of some critters, landscape and old buildings. I[…]

Work at Sandstone Gallery

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As I’m sitting here at The Sandstone Gallery here in Billings, the address here at the gallery is 2913 2nd Ave., North.  I thought it might be wise to let all of my friends and clients know that I am part of the gallery now.  At the gallery, I’m showing[…]