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Faces of the Farmers Market in Billings Montana.

I love the summer times here in Billings, especially the farmers market. The market brings together the people of Billings. I enjoy going around and photographing individuals as they are walking and looking at all of the items local vendors are trying to sell. You have people mixing together and having a wonderful time. This time I wanted to shoot images of faces at the market. I only had one problem, the camera that I would normally use had an issue with the lens that wouldn’t focus at certain apertures. I had to use my everyday car camera which is a Canon T5 with the kit lens. The images I want to share in this blog are OK. I hope you enjoy that faces as much as I did.

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Cody Trip 3-19-2017

I got bored just sitting around the house last weekend, so I decided a road trip was necessary.  I got out the map and made the decision to drive down to Cody Wyoming, take my cameras and hopefully get some decent shots of some critters, landscape and old buildings. I took the route that took me through Belfry Montana.  I was not disappointed, I got some great shots of old buildings, log cabins and cloud formations.  After I left Cody, I decided that I would take Hwy. 310 back to Billings.  That is when I discovered the Heart Mountain Internment Camp.  I had been wanting to go down there to shoot some images, they were only open Wed.-Sat. I saw a sign that showed the entrance to the camp. I was on the opposite side of the road I was traveling.

I decided to take a chance, so I made a U-turn, making sure there was no on coming traffic.  I did manage to get into some areas on foot that would allow me to get some great shots.  I’ll post some here, also some will be at the Sandstone Gallery downtown.  There will also be images on my Zenfolio Site  . This to me was a dark time in our history, taking away homes and businesses from Japanese along the west coast and putting them into these internment camps. Some of these Japanese were born here in the U.S. and some very naturalized citizens.  The younger men were drafted and sent to Europe to fight the Nazis.  It is my understanding that the conditions these people were living in were not the best.  I find out more and post it in a separate blog.

If you get a chance, stop by Sandstone Gallery to view my work and that of the other artists at the Gallery. I will be posting blogs along with images from trips that I plan on taking this year.


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Work at Sandstone Gallery

As I’m sitting here at The Sandstone Gallery here in Billings, the address here at the gallery is 2913 2nd Ave., North.  I thought it might be wise to let all of my friends and clients know that I am part of the gallery now.  At the gallery, I’m showing some of my black and white images that I’ve taken and also some of my digital fine art work.  I’m still maintaining my studio at 2814 2nd Ave. N. on the Third Floor South entrance, by the parking lot.  The door says BOS and there is a buzzer for clients to push and to gain access.

That’s it for now, please stop by Sandstone Gallery to view my work and that of many fine artist here at the gallery. You can view art work at the gallery by visiting